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                 Chase Tenants and Residents Federation

                      Tel / Fax: 01543 502 905

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Residents Associations

Affiliated groups within the Cannock Chase District – streets included in catchment area are shown if relevant.


  • Rumer Hill Resident's Association –  Devon Road, Devon Green, Salop Drive, Lincoln Drive, Oxford Road, Oxford Green, Worcester Close, Warwick Close, York Road and Surrey Close

  • Spectrum Resident's Association - Covering the Kingsway and Moss Road Estates in Chadsmoor


  • Circle of Resident's Association (C.O.R.A.) –  Danby Drive, Briars Way, St. Bernards Close and Ironstone Close in Prospect Village, Rawnsley


  • Springfield's Residents Association – Springfields Estate

Pictured above: members of Pine View Residents Association,

sadly the Association closed in September 2015


Are you interested in finding out more? 

New members are always welcome and we are always on the lookout for new volunteers.  No qualifications are needed and it does not matter what age you are.  We have both daytime and evening meetings so any commitment that you can offer would be welcome.

Benefiting both yourself and your community 

Apart from ensuring that your voice is heard within the Council and other agencies, both voluntary and statutory, you would have access to training opportunities with Chase Tenants & Residents Federation (C.T.R.F.) and other organisations, gain valuable skills, knowledge and experience that could help with any future applications for  employment. But most of all, you would be representing your own community and helping to improve it, along the way making friends, meeting neighbours and fostering a sense of community spirit.

If you would like any further information or would like to find out how to set up your own Resident’s Association, please contact us.